Locate Your Putter's Sweet Spot

Golf Sage - Saturday, March 30, 2013

It is critical to strike the ball on the “sweet spot” of your putterface.  This is the spot where the ball rebounds the greatest distance and with the most consistency off the putterface.
Hold your putter up in the air from the grip end with your left thumb and forefinger so the putter hangs straight down.  Next, tap the putterface with medium force from the heel to the toe with your right forefinger.  You have located your putter’s “sweet spot” when the putterhead rebounds straight back and “jumps” from the tapping.  If you tap too close to the heel or to the toe on the putterface, the putterhead will twist instead of rebounding straight back.
Some putters have a line marked on the top of the putterhead to indicate where on the putterface you should strike the ball.  Do not assume this line accurately indicates the location of the “sweet spot.”  Find the “sweet spot” yourself.  If it is located at a different spot on the putterface than the manufacturer’s line indicates, mark the top of the putterhead with a new line that precisely identifies the location of the “sweet spot.”  You can make the adjustment mentally at address if you do not want to make a second mark on the top of the putterhead.
When you strike the ball on the “sweet spot” of your putterface every time, you will make a high percentage of your putts because the ball is rebounding consistently straight  off the putterface.
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